November 2008

Chelsea: Art Chockablock with Encyclopedic Range
by Roberta Smith

The Same Blank Place, 2008, 77 x 84" (195.58 x 213.36 cm), oil on linen


Another example: Robert Moskowitz, whose spare New Image paintings of the 1970s helped set the stage for ’80s rejection of pure abstraction, is showing new work at D’Amelio Terras. He could be grouped with other ’70s painters like Ron Gorchov at Nicholas Robinson and Cora Cohen at Michael Steinberg, who both reprise aspects of Abstract Expressionism with remarkable vigor. But Mr. Moskowitz also fits with artists who engineered various escapes from Minimalist severity, like the sculptors Jackie Winsor (a show of earlyish work at Paula Cooper on 21st Street) and Richard Nonas (Esso Gallery).